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Shopping for New Glasses? Need to Replace Your Lenses? Why Not Do It Online?

How to Order Prescription Glasses Online

Buying prescription glasses or contact lenses online can save you hundreds of dollars. Maybe you’ve heard about it from a friend or family member who saved money by ordering their glasses or contacts online. Not only is the price usually cheaper, but there are many styles to choose from as well. Plus, you can shop from the comfort of your home.

In this article, we cover the process of obtaining prescription lenses and contacts online, what is needed, the benefits of doing so, and some of the best places you can order them from.

Order Prescription Lenses Online: The Process

Online is the new marketplace. We no longer need to leave our homes to make necessary purchases, including glasses and contact lenses. Technology has made life easier in so many ways. Yet, it pays to know the process of how exactly ordering prescription glasses or contact lenses online works. Do you still need a prescription? What do they need to know before you order?

Before You Order

Whether you are looking for a prescription lens replacement or are getting glasses for the first time, you will need to know your glasses prescription, as well as your pupillary distance. This means you will have to acquire this information from your optometrist — unless you have a prescription and this info floating around your home. (Unfortunately, many of us don’t.)

Before you order online and next time you’re at your optometrist’s office, ensure you leave with a prescription and the information you need regarding your pupillary distance.

Once you have this info, the rest is fairly easy!

When You Order

Most online prescription glasses and contact lens websites require you to upload your prescription and fill in your pupillary distance. This is often only necessary for your first order. After that, unless your prescription changes, you can continue to order contacts or glasses whenever you like.

On top of this, many websites offer discounts to first-time buyers. This means you aren’t only saving from the initial cost, but you get an additional discount (which means major savings!).

Some sites also allow you to compare glasses and how they will look on you. For instance, Zenni Optical allows you to upload a picture of yourself and then try out different glass shapes and sizes on that picture. This means you can make the best choice for your face shape and style.

After You Order

You will usually get a tracking number and a timeframe regarding when you will receive your glasses or contacts. Make sure you are aware that this may sometimes take a few weeks, depending on shipping speeds. So, if it’s urgent, ordering online may have some setbacks.

The Benefits of Ordering Online

While you may need an initial visit with your optometrist to gather the necessary information to order online, after that, you won’t need to visit your optometrist except for your regular eye exams. Again, this makes life much easier. With a quick click of your mouse, you can have your new or replacement eyeglasses or contact lenses in the mail and on their way with next to no effort.

You also save a ton. Eyeglasses from the optometrist’s office and storefronts don’t come cheap! In fact, you could potentially get glasses for 30 or 40 dollars. In comparison, you may pay upwards of 400 dollars buying new eyeglasses in-person.

Where to Order Your Prescription Glasses Online

So, where should you order from? What are reliable sources for purchasing prescription glasses online?

Some of the best options include:

These are all reliable and consumer-approved options, with countless customers voicing their satisfaction with purchases made at these online sites.

Affordable and Cheap Prescription Lenses Online

Maybe you’re hoping to get a deal or save as much as possible when it comes to getting new prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses online. You’re in luck! There are many affordable options.

GlassesUSA is an affordable option for designer and well-known eyeglass brands, such as Raybans. While you likely won’t find many options under $80, it’s still much cheaper than purchasing these same or similar glasses in-store.

Googles4U and Zenni Optical come out on top when it comes to incredible savings. Googles4U allows you to purchase new glasses at prices as low as $7. Meanwhile, Zenni Optical has endless options ranged between $15 and $50.

Assess your budget and determine what’s best for you.

If you’re specifically looking for contact lenses, 1800contacts is an excellent online option. However, the price is comparable to what you might pay at your optometrist.

Should You Order Online?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Ordering online can mean tons of savings now and down the road. And if you’re unsure, why not try it out? Purchase an affordable pair of glasses and find out if it’s right for you.

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