Someone at a concert holding their hands up in the shape of a heart.

6 Health and Safety Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Next Event

An event health and safety checklist will ensure you have the best event experience. From staying hydrated, to bringing snacks, here's what to know.
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Lash Growth Serum

Lash growth serum is used to enhance the length of eyelashes. Does it work and is it safe? Find the answers here.
Chronic Conditions
An ITP ribbon on a person's palm.

Understanding the Risks and Treatments of ITP

What is ITP? It's a disorder that causes excessive bleeding or bruising. From symptoms to treatments, here's what to know.
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What Causes Hemophilia

Hemophilia is a chronic condition that impairs the body's ability to clot blood. So, what causes hemophilia? Find out here.
Four clocks floating in pink, blue, and peach color splotches.

The Menopause Cycle: How Long Does It Last?

Have you ever wondered, how long does menopause last? You've come to the right spot. Read on to learn about the length and symptoms of each stage.
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What Are the Signs of a Blood Clot

Having a blood clot can be dangerous and lead to life-threating situations, which is why knowing how to recognize the signs is crucial!
Prevention & Treatment
A photo of six acupuncture needles

Natural Remedies for Managing and Treating Your Arthritis

Many treatment options exists for managing and treating arthritis. Why not try these natural remedies that can also provide relief?
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Diet To Help With Fatty Liver

Looking to make changes in your diet to improve the health of your liver? Here's the best diet to help treat and prevent a fatty liver.
Mental Health
A picture of a women in front of a body of water staring off into space

Understanding the Different Types of Dissociative Disorder

Do you experience a feeling of disconnection from the world around you? You may have one of three dissociative disorders.
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How To Treat Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia, a chronic mental illness, causes serious symptoms. Here you'll learn how to treat schizophrenia with the help of your doctor.