Massage Guns for Chronic Pain

4 Best Massage Guns for Chronic Pain

Find the Relief You Need with a Stellar Massage Gun

About 20% of American adults suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is, technically, defined as pain that lasts longer than three months; this type of pain may linger or come and go. Yet, it’s generally very disruptive to everyday life and functioning.

This type of pain may further arise due to unresolved injuries or due to certain pain disorders, like arthritis—or even due to unknown factors. Surprisingly, not all is lost when it comes to chronic pain. Usually, it’s all about finding a management or elimination strategy that works for you and your body.

So, if you’re looking for pain relief, there is one thing you might not have considered before; massage guns! A massage gun can help improve blood flow, release tight muscles, and even encourage the regeneration of injured tissue. So, what massage gun should you consider for your chronic pain massage? Below, we explore the best massage guns and outline how they can help fight chronic pain, guiding you toward your very best life.

What Are the Best Massage Guns for Chronic Pain?

Arguably, sedentary behavior is a major contributor to chronic pain. Simply put, our bodies aren’t made to sit for as long as we do in the modern world. While you may strive to move more and look after your body, perhaps you’re looking for further strategies to help relieve pain.

Massage guns offer a deep tissue massage and myofascial release, helping reduce pain when it arises. So, which ones should you consider?

1. Theragun Elite

If you're wanting a massage gun, you can't go wrong with the Theragun Elite. This gun is designed for the everyday user and provides you with comfort in recovery, performance, sleep, mobility, and stress. Check out some of the amazing benefits below:

  • Ergonomic Multi-Grip.
  • 120-Minute Total Battery Life.
  • Smart App Integration with Bluetooth®.
  • Customizable Speed Range.

2. The Ekrin B37

The B37 Massage Gun is considered one of the very best massage guns, for good reason. It’s ultra-easy-to-use, affordable, quiet, and has a fairly long battery life. There are also five speeds to choose from, four attachments, and an ergonomic design, making it easy for someone suffering from ongoing pain to use.

In fact, this massage gun is raved about regarding back pain, which has become all too common among office workers and more!

3. The LifePro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

The Sonic Massage Gun is much loved by those experiencing chronic pain. It’s quiet, has five different speeds, and is very versatile, making it great for different needs.

It also has eight different massage heads, which is a lot in the massage gun world; this means that your massage gun treatment can be very individualized. For instance, individuals with fibromyalgia might choose a smaller head for the massage gun with a light speed to target trigger spots that tend to cause varying degrees of pain. In fact, many users describe this massage gun as having similar effects to a much more expensive deep tissue massage.

4. The Medcursor Heated Massage Gun

The Medcursor Heated Massage Gun adds another twist to the traditional massage gun. With a heated head, this one offers two-in-one, soothing tense muscles with heat while delivering a deep tissue-style massage. This one may be particularly beneficial for those with arthritis since it can help relax and soothe tight or stiff muscles, which is common in those that suffer from this condition.

What Types of Chronic Pain are Massage Guns Suitable For?

Massage guns can offer an effective pain relief aid for a variety of conditions including fibromyalgia, arthritis, back pain, myofascial pain syndrome, some disc issues, and more. These devices can help:

  • Release tight muscles.
  • Increase blood flow.
  • Aid in repair and healing.
  • Reduce stiffness.
  • Provide pain relief.

When using a massage gun, especially with chronic pain, ensure you follow the instructions carefully. When used incorrectly, a massage gun can cause more harm than good.

To start using your massage gun, try it on the lowest possible speed setting. It’s also critical to note that you should never use this device on boney areas or over the spine. Instead, the gun should only be used on soft tissue. For each part of the body, you’ll want to hold the gun in the spot for about one to two minutes; this should help achieve the above benefits and provide the pain relief you crave. It can be particularly good to use before or after an exercise session.

If you’re unsure or hesitant about using a massage gun for your chronic pain, consider asking your doctor or physical therapist if this device is right for you. They know you and your situation the best and can guide you on the best way to manage your pain and achieve your goals.

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